Let's Talk About || Authors I want to read

In recent weeks I've seen a lot of people talk about their favorite, and auto buy authors, and I was thinking of making a post about that as well. However, as I got thinking I realized that I don't really have more than maybe two auto buy authors, and that wouldn't make that much of a post. Therefore I thought about it, and came up with the idea of talking about those authors that I haven't read anything by yet, but really want to. I'm aware that other people have done this before, and I'm in no way claiming this as an original post idea.

Neil Gaiman
I have no idea why I haven't read anything by this man yet. When I was younger, one thing that was always on my wish list was The Graveyard Book, but somehow I never got it, and I never thought to purchase it myself. And while I still want to read The Graveyard book, these days it's American Gods that I'm absolutely dying to read. I'll hopefully end up reading both of them, and more, at some point in life.

Sarah J. Maas
People all over the internet has been raving about this woman's amazing writing, and I want to experience that. I have Throne of Glass on my Kobo, and I really just need to get on with it. Honestly, I don't think I've heard anything horrible about Sarah J Maas' books, so I can't wait to get to them.

Brandon Sanderson
Again, I have heard nothing but amazing things about this man's books. Mostly I hear people absolutely raving about the Mistborn series. However, the books I really want to read aren't those, but the Reckoners series. It sounds like something just up my alley, and I want to try and read at least the first book, sometime this year maybe.

V.E. Schwab
Reading a book by this author is way overdue. I've heard nothing but amazing things about her books, and I really want to try and read at least one of them. I don't own any of the books yet, but I'm sure I can get a hold of one some way. Actually A Darker Shade of Magic was one of my most anticipated books of 2015, so it would probably be a good idea to start there.

Holly Black
Something about this author's books have always looked intriguing to me, but I've never actually picked one up. It's probably because, for the most part, all I read are contemporary books, and Holly Black's books are on the more fantasy side, and that has never really been my kind of thing. But I am ready now, to jump in and discover her books.

Rachel Hawkins
I've been wanting to read something by Rachel Hawkins for forever, but like the with a lot of these other authors, I just haven't picked any of her books up. I did start Hex Hall once a long time ago, but I only read about 20 pages before I put it down. Not because they were bad 20 pages, but because I wasn't feeling it. However, I really want to try and pick one of her books up again. If not Hex Hall, then Rebel Belle.

Are there any authors you haven't read anything from, but are dying to? Anything by these authors you would recommend? 


  1. Åh, Neil Gaiman! Glæd dig til at læse noget af ham. Hans bøger er magiske.

    1. Jeg glæder mig virkelig også til at dykke ned i hans bøger.

  2. I just finished A Darker Shade of Magic and looooved it. It's not too deep, but the characters and plot and pacing and setting are all well developed.

    I've only read one lesser-known book by Margaret Atwood and I really really really need to read all of her more popular and influential books. I think she counts as an author that I haven't read ;)

    And Leo Tolstoy. Really need to read his books.

    1. I'm intrigued by A Darker Shade of Magic, and I really need to get my hands on it as soon as possible..

      I'm with you on Tolstoy too - I really do need to read something by him as well. At least at some point in time!