Book Haul || September & October 2014

So, I might have a problem. That problem's name is Henry aka my eReader. Since getting that thing, I've been buying books left and right. I mean, I'm not really complaining, because, it's books, but I'm not sure my bank account is all too happy with me. Nevertheless, I've decided to share my latest purchases from September and October with you. There is a mixture of genres in this haul. In September and October I've accumulated 20 books, and all of them have been eBooks. This month I also got some books from the library, but they've all been returned, so I can't show those to you. It's also not including the free eBooks I've gotten either, because then we would never be done with this haul. However, if seeing those is something you would be interesting in, I'll do a post on those later.

A lot of these were bought on a sale, so in the end, I didn't actually end up paying all that much. I'm really looking forward to reading all of these, and I've already read six of these, and I'm currently reading two [The Name of the Star, and When Adam Kissed Me].

Have you guys read any of these books? 


  1. Hvilke har du læst? :D Kan i hvert fald kun anbefale Cinder og The Selection :D Throne of Glass har jeg ejet siden jeg var i London i august 2012. Guess what, jeg har stadig ikke læst den... Bummer !


    1. Jeg har læst, Something Like Winter, Inseparable, Coming Home, Raven, Out of Time, og Out of Mind. (og jeg er i skrivende stund lige blevet færdig med When Adam Kissed Me).. Jeg glæder mig virkelig også til at komme igang med Cinder - Den ligger i hvert fald meget højt på min liste :)
      Jeg kender alt for godt til det, at man har bøger liggende fra år tilbage, som man bare ikke har fået læst endnu!