(Late) September Wrap-Up

So, September is over, and we are now one month closer to Christmas. Also, I've been back in school for a month, and honestly, I never thought I would get around to reading much this month with school being back in session. However, I did get some reading done, and the tally for this month is: 11 books. 2 graphic novels, 2 short stories, and 7 novels. That is more than I read all last year. That's kinda crazy, at least to me. There will be reviews of some of these books as soon as possible (hopefully, I think)

Generally I’ve loved almost all of the books I’ve read this month, which I find amazing. Most of these were read as ebooks, and I’ve noticed that I get more reading done when I read on my eReader. Yes, I still do very much love reading in physical books, but it’s just easier with an eReader most of the time. But without further ado, here are the 11 books I read in the month of September:

September was also the month where I went a little ebook crazy. I got an eReader, a Kobo Glo, at the end of August, as a birthday present from my parents. With that new device in hand, I of course had to get something to fill it with. That resulted me in buying around 15 ebooks, and of course I got some freebies here and there. However, most of the ebooks were bought on sale, so I didn’t spend way too much on them. There may or may not be a separate post about all the books I bought in September in a couple of days. (I know, it's a little late)

Lastly, in September I met my goal of reading 25 books in 2014. Earlier this year I wasn’t certain that I would meet my goal, but I did, and I’m already 5 books over, so I’ll just keep reading, and enjoy that I’ve finally met one of my reading goals.

All in all, September was an amazing reading month for me, and I hope to continue with it in October.

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